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If yes, why? What part of cum makes up what taste?Do men who've had a vasectomy still ejaculate anything. Vasectomy: What Men Really Want to Know! | Sperm Check Sandy. Age: 20. please call me or send me text 0048 513816616 No change - I'm afraid. My god, it's just sperm! The taste/smell of sperm is largely depending not on the spermatozoids but on the semen fluid, which is created in the seminal vesicle. Since a vasectomy occurs between the testicles and the seminal vesicle, a vasectomized man's semen could taste/smell slightly different, due to the lack of spermatozoids. Eva. Age: 21. i am an angel girl.loving travelling and meeting with a reall gentleman in prague,germany and around the world.... Vasectomy: What Men Really Want to Know! Nov 30, - Found a woman who loves everything about sperm. When I spoke to her about my thinking of getting snipped,she said don't because it will change the taste. I think she just wants to keep me "whole " for future use. Is there any truth in her statement. Will my cum taste different if I get snipped?? Posts: Feb 6, - Generally speaking, ejaculation after vasectomy is generally about the same as ejaculation before a vasectomy. The volume of the I think it's little bit more "watery" and some say the smell and the taste are much better. My sex drive increased and 20 years later I had some ED problems but it's not certain.

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Ottavia. Age: 30. I take my time with you Jump to Does vasectomy alter the taste or smell of semen? - We also address the questions of volume, colour and consistency of semen after a vasectomy in our on-line survey along with many other important issues. Basically men who have had a vasectomy say that it doesn't affect the qualities. Jun 1, - There is also plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that diet can affect semen's taste, though Morgentaler notes that few studies have actually been A vasectomy is an operation that disconnects the vas deferens, the passageway for the sperm to meet up with the rest of the semen team, from the rest of. Jul 28, - The women, that I date say the taste is affected by your health, and diet more than anything else. Volume is not any different. Again that has to do more with health. Some women are more comfortable giving oral sex if they know a man has had a vasectomy. I don't know why, as the sperm are so small, that.


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