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Sep 18, - How to Gain Fat. Most dieting and health advice focuses on losing fat, not gaining it. As such, you may be at a loss for information about how to properly put on fat. Whether you're gaining fat for health reasons or are an actor preparing. Gain Weight Diet: Add Muscle, Not Fat Alektra. Age: 21. Sweet, wild and sexy girl. If you would like to arrange our meeting - please send me an email. Where are you going to get all that cloth? Aug 4, - Stock up on high-fat snacks. Fat is an essential part of your diet, and eating it can be a healthy way to regulate your weight. Eat nuts, seeds, and seed and nut butters. Try cheese and crackers, or dried fruit and full fat yogurt. Hummus is great on bread or vegetables, and with plenty of tahini and olive oil it. Step. Age: 22. You only deserve the best, thats why you should meet me HowTo:Make a girl fat A gain weight diet includes learning how to eat the right foods to encourage the development of muscle mass and not fat gain. Here's how it works. Nov 21, - Round this down to kcal to keep things simple – this isn't surgery, and the calories on food labels aren't % accurate anyway. Ballparking it is fine. If you want to gain weight fast and don't care about gaining some extra belly fat, add kcal/day. So for the skinny 60kg/lb guy, that's kcal/day.

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Rosalva. Age: 25. I have natural 32d breasts The majority of weight loss programs still suggest that weight loss is a simple process of managing calories in and calories out. It's not that simple. Fat loss or fat gain is the result of a number of choices and habits. Perhaps, some of these bad choices could be contributing to unwanted gains in body fat. Dec 22, - Some healthy foods can make you fat, because they are high in sugar, calories and fat. Serving size matters, so stop sabotaging your diet, and try our. Sep 9, - Dozens of widely used prescription and over-the-counter medications have the unwanted effect of weight gain.


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