Can you get your virginity back

Sep 19, - Even though a lot of people have different definitions of what constitutes virginity, it's pretty much universally accepted that once you lose your virginity, it's gone: You can't go back to being a virgin once you have sex (of whatever kind you believe “counts”). That is, until now. A bizarre new device is being. Regain Your Virginity — Fake Blood Included! | Dose Lyen. Age: 30. Soy chica ardiente y fogosa siempre disponible ala hora que desea te ofrezco el mejor servicio mis amor aki te espero llama o escribe por mi WhatsApp +1 786,438,4623 You wrote that you wanted to end your life after reading the comment left by Charles about virginity. Notify me of new posts by email. Sep 11, - If you are a woman and haven't had sex for a while, you may be concerned that things have changed. Not with the act itself (don't worry the basics are still the same) but with your body and, in particular, your hymen. Online message boards are filled with concerned women who haven't had sex for several. Janet. Age: 29. People go to Vegas, and they don't know what to do Can you regain your virginity after having sex? Dec 29, - I suspect what you're asking is if the hymen can grow back once it has worn away, in whole or in part. It can't. As I explained, it's supposed to wear away, and once it has, in whatever way it . If not, you can look at something like this, or this, or this, or this to get some more information to inform your choices. Feb 9, - There are many different myths linked with regaining virginity. And most of you might be thinking that, It is really possible of not? As said by medical science there is no demonstrated approach for re-establishing a girls virginity. however, by utilizing some natural cures a lady's virginity can be gained back.

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Candy. Age: 18. Hello) Oct 7, - A plastic surgeon can repair or (more likely reconstruct) your hymen so that it looks like you've never had intercourse before. However, this . LOST VIRGINITY. Why get back your lost virginity, is part of life. If given the chance, i wont get it back. Is a road i dont walk through again. Mar 31, Feb 6, - “If a woman does not have intercourse over a long period of time, is it possible for her hymen to grow back and make her a virgin again?” Thanks for asking this question. There are a surprising number of myths and misconceptions about the hymen, so before I answer your specific question, let's first step. You can lose your physical virginity just once. If you did it, you did it. You can't get that first time back again. And the past carries with it physical and emotional consequences. If memories have been etched on your brain, you can't pretend they're gone. But spiritually, it is quite possible to start all over again. Spiritual rebirth.


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