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Aug 14, - Depending on individual circumstances, however, brown vaginal discharge might indicate a health issue that requires medical evaluation and treatment. Spotting or bleeding after menopause requires medical evaluation as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of cancer. Reviewed and revised by. What Causes Brown Discharge and What Does it Mean? Mercedes. Age: 20. Discreet modern private apartment with shower facilities free parking not a hotel! It is often accompanied by pain during sex and bleeding afterwards, heavier and longer periods, and bleeding between periods. Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by abnormal vaginal discharge with a brown or grey color and strong fishy smell. Most brown discharges from vagina are harmless. Light brown discharges usually go away on their own; dark ones can be more serious and should be checked out. Chastity. Age: 21. I am a young model, independent escort in zurich, 1 Brown Discharge from Vagina: Causes and Treatments Apr 3, - Vaginal discharge symptom checker. Take a quiz to find out why you're experiencing vaginal discharge. Discharge quiz. Health . If a woman has brown discharge while she is menstruating or towards the tail end of a period; it may be normal. A late discharge at the end of your period can look brown. Dec 21, - In her HBO special last year, Amy Schumer joked that one of her New Year's resolutions (along with catfishing someone) was to “just once take off a pair of underwear and make it not look like I blew my nose in it.” It's funny because it's true: Why does having a vagina have to be so goddamn messy? A lucky.

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Morgana. Age: 27. Elegant lady in my fourties, i prefer the company of the more mature gentleman for an enthralling & thoroughly enjoyable evening. Aug 16, - Vaginal discharge between the menstrual cycles is a natural process of flushing out the dead skin cells and bacteria from the vagina. The color and consistency of the discharge may vary depending on the hormone secretion (1). But seeing a brown discharge can be quite alarming. In most of the cases. Light brown discharges usually go away on their own within a few days. Sometimes, discharge during mid-cycle bleeding with ovulation can become thicker and darker in color which corresponds to sloughing off of uterine cells just before actual menstrual bleeding. In some cases, dark brown discharge can be more serious.


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