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Dec 18, - While researching a previous blog on crush fetishes, I came across an article by Kirk Semple in the New York Times about 'trampling fetish' known simply as 'trampling' among those engage in the activity. A Wikipedia entry on 'trampling' defines it simply as “the sexual activity that involves being trampled. Error (Forbidden) Christen. Age: 20. xxx Here are a few admissions that I collated: From then on it just took off. Jul 22, - Dark Temptations Full Episodes Streaming FREE on ID GO: ecomcoupons.info Jeff Vilencia, a filmmaker who produced 'crush videos', tal. Valeria. Age: 30. Thai style massage call me 702-323-8880 im friendly girl Trampling fetish and foot fetish? Would you like if guy have any of these fetishes? Dear ladies and gentlemen, In advance I would like to apologize for potential language barriers, because I'm German and not a native speaker of English. I have been searching the net for a long time but could never find concrete answers to my particular "problem". Surely you are aware that there are different fetishes. Yes, just like any other serious kink there are dangers involved. When you enter into a BDSM styled relationship it is extremely important to start with a partner you can trust! Have a safe word in place for emergencies, and learn the basic's of i.

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Daylene. Age: 25. Fantasy's do come true Millions of men have a trample fetish. Trust me, there are forums and sites all over the web catering to guys with that fetish. There are lots of reasons for it. As stated - sometimes it's about domination, or it ties in with a fetish for female feet and legs, it can even be part of a "giantess" fetish. Don't worry about the reasons for it. Hi my name is Kayleigh I'm 38 and my son is 18 and has a trample fetish, I already know about this for a few weeks but I am still getting used to it, I used to notice my shoes not being like I left them and sometimes the soles were cleaned. So I began to suspect such thing and whore the pair of heels that had always cleaned. Jan 15, - I have an urge to do more than walking with him I have fetishes for sexy men like The Rock and prefer if he IS actually The Rock himself, because only he can swoon my heart with that eyebrow lift/wink thing that he does*sigh* I want to be manhandled and pounded hard by THE ROCK it isn't really a fetish.


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