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I remember that I had occasionally found small dots of bright red blood in the past when wiping, so I concluded I had some sort of cut / tear in or around my anus that was still causing the itching. I did a proper inspection of the area today, and took some photos, and my theory was confirmed. There appearsĀ  Redness around anus pink raw skin on rectum /itchy. Uncomfortable shallow tear in skin; how to prevent? - butt buttocks buttcrack | Ask MetaFilter Jessi. Age: 29. I am sweet, down to earth and an intelligent young lady. If not, I would say just keep it moisturized, especially through the dry winter months. One thing I noticed is that after I took the worming tablets the itching seemed to be localised more around the skin on the perimeter of my anus, rather than the actual anus. Jan 9, - But, yeah, sometimes it's just butt configuration (the worst run I had of this was associated with gaining weight) or weird chairs or an environmental situation you'll need to identify and curb (sitting on floors or hard benches more often than usual). If you have a partner who is cheek-grabby during personal. Imani. Age: 27. In the utmost respect and discretion, I might be just the lady you are looking for!!! Small tear/cut above anus Jul 9, - Hi everyone, Quite embarrassing topic but I really am in a lot of pain and discomfort right now. I moved to Spain about 2 months ago and due to my fairly remote location I have not been able to register with a doctor yet. The problem I have is a very painful rash between my anus and the skin is split and. Tear Above Anus. Im only 17 and ive had this for a while but thought it would go away, above my anus it doesnt seem like a growth but more like a tear or hole. It itches sometimes and bleeds on occasion but not always. I tried to ignore it but I cant and I just wan Cancer - Skin Lump On Top of Butt Crack - Skin Cancer Forum.

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Catarina. Age: 25. my name is kerri and i adore gentlemen and am open to new experiences. I have a spectacular body, which is so sexual it has to be seen to be believed! I have all the right curves in all the right places and the most dark brown hair, which shows off my sexy face and smile. Jan 27, - I have got a cut that runs verticle between my butt cheeks right over my tailbone and it wont go away. It seems to heal for like a day then it just opens back up. I had this problem, a small inch vertical cut starting about an inch or above my sphincter. I noticed it during a morning shower when I felt pain. The upper part of my (right above the anus) itches, burns, and stings. Feels like there is a big cut in it. Hurts - Answered by a verified Health Professional. Hes 6'5" and was working on a Range Rover that was on a lift above him. The Range slipped off from the front right axile and fell onto his legs, pinning him down for 1hr and 20mins. Thank God no broken bones. He did recieve scratches to his back, sides and legs. seeing he was face to ground he split the skin inbetween.


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