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I was at a boring party, so i decided to start basket weaving for entertainment. #basket#weaving#masterbation#jerking off#interlaced#fingers. by Basket Weaver May 23, 53 Get the mug. Get a basket weaving mug for your mate Callisto. Erotic Sex Moves and Tips Akira. Age: 27. Kisses Gay Health Relationships Sex. #basket weave. Top Definition. Hand Jobbin. Innovative dance move involving rapid forward and back hand movements followed by a swift release of the fist in front of the genital area. This is meant to resemble the act of male masturbation. For best results: alternate hands and perform fist release to the beat. Jeff sure is. Farrah. Age: 21. Hi gentlemen I'm Sasha Best male masturbation technique Advisor: This semester I'm gonna have you take Basketball Theory , Geography , College Seminar and Underwater Basket Weaving so we can keep you He dismayed that the courses in underwater basket weaving were growing more common every year. The act of female masturbation in a bath. Mar 10, - Super masturbation refers to the act of masturbating without stopping through multiple orgasms, 4 or more for men, 9 or more for women.

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Kathia. Age: 30. Sin City naughty girl with a body Built for pleasing Feb 13, - 4 Basket-weaving. Link your fingers together and clasp both hands around your partner's shaft. Push both hands to the base of the shaft, twist them, slide both hands to the top, twist again, and repeat. 5 The church. This technique involves interlinking your hands like a steeple. Feb 5, - HAND JOB TECHNIQUES - BASKET WEAVING, OR THE BASKET WEAVE (requires a semierect to fully erect penis). This particular move was inspired by a woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis. On account of her wrist tiring easily, she needed to use two hands for support. "After the seminar, I went. Apr 1, - —Lou Paget. "Another fabulous hand-job technique is one I call the Basket Weave. "Getting your man to masturbate while you're also fondling his penis is a huge turn-on for both you and your man. Begin by "When your partner is masturbating you, ask him to tug playfully on your pubic hairs. This adds.


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