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Day-Day: [imitating Moly] Someone call Mr. Jones: Moly you got knocked the fuck out! Moly: Oh, good observation, buddy. [looks to Craig and Day-Day]. Moly: Where were you buddies, huh? Craig Jones: We was on our lunch break. Day-Day: Trying to get something to eat, so we can secure this nasty-ass lot. Mr. Jones: Tribeca Review | Hollywood Reporter Emylia. Age: 30. Host discreet safe location in Houston area; From the Southeast to northside He is big online precisely because he is tiny over the airwaves. Leaning into the store room I found Bill piling cases of the decent tonic that I always insisted on. Mr. Jones: I got your message, where is Craig? Uncle Elroy: "Message"? I ain't sent you no damn MESSAGE. Mr. Jones: You didn't call the sandwich joint with an urgent message. Uncle Elroy: Hell no Willie, boy you're startin' to think like a Dog. Leaving fleas & ticks suckin' on your old-ass brain. Mr. Jones: Somebody. Misha. Age: 20. please contact with me John Witherspoon: Mr. Jones when the very topic started there - like, how do you do a post on the sandy hook conspiracy without discussing alex jones? how do you do a post about the bilderberg protests without discussing alex jones? just because he's a racist asshole are we supposed to pretend like a growing segment of the. Mr. Jones: Boy, bring your ass up in here. What you talkin' 'bout, you wait 'til I come out? I smelled your shit for 22 years; now you can smell mine for 5 minutes. Shut the door. (grunts; plopping sound) Now, your mama told me what happened to you yesterday. Craig: What? Mr. Jones: That was stupid. How the hell you gonna.

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Alena. Age: 28. world traveller American, beautiful, tall, funny, open minded and smart Jan 4, - An act occurring during oral sex when one partner eats the other partner's asshole out while the partner receiving oral sex drops a deuce (shits) in the ass licker's mouth, usually in a surprising manner. Mr Jones: Craig! Craig: What? Mr Jones: Come in here! [Craig enters bathroom, Mr Jones is spraying air freshener] Craig: Aw man, I'll wait until you come out. Mr Jones: Boy, bring yo ass up in here! What you talkin 'bout, you 'wait til I come out'? I smelt yo shit for 22 years now you can smell mine for 5 minutes. Urgh! [plop]. Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3. Lil Lord Akira months ago (edited) ยท How your ass feel


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