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Mar 15, - If you're able to do something to a woman that feels so incredibly good that she completely relaxes and lets go, you're highly likely to make that woman climax. My friends helped me compile this list of orgasm triggers. Get her to the point where she's sweaty and breathing fast, then try one of these sex. 6 Ways to Help Her Have Orgasms | Psychology Today Daria. Age: 25. Sexy girl with an angelic face, curvy bronzed body, sexy legs, big breast and Hollywood smile ! Top tips for tackling fussy eating at Christmas. Mar 20, - Much like with stand-up, in the bedroom, I had beginner's luck that gave me a false impression of my abilities. In college, I hooked up with a woman who lost her shit at my slightest touch. How could I not think I was truly the gangster of love? Alas, other women didn't experience complete particle reversal by. Alli. Age: 21. Kisses from your... Give her an orgasm in 15 minutes Mar 8, - A study published in Human Sexuality: An Encyclopaedia in the mid-'90s, found when a woman orgasms she needs, on average, just one or two more minutes to reach her second climax. The study by sex researchers William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian also recorded the most female orgasms they. Dec 20, - Question. Although I love my girlfriend and we both really enjoy making love, she can't seem to have a proper climax. We have tried most things, but nothing works.

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Darryl. Age: 29. My name is Alexandra 30y Nov 10, - My girlfriend and I have been together for about 2 months now, and we have been having sex for about a month. I am unable to get her to climax. She has only had sex with one other person besides me, she only had sex with him one time, and she didn't like it when they did it. She had sex with me for the. Nov 4, - Most of Jimmy's girlfriends have not had orgasms during sex, and he wants to know what he's doing wrong and what can be done to fix things. On top of this, he's worried his penis is too small to provide enough stimulation during sex. Is there anything he can do to make his girlfriend happy in bed? My. The fact that you don't have a penis (presumably) has very little relevance to your ability to make your girlfriend orgasm. The cold metal being traced over sensitive skin gives an erotic feeling like no other I've had boyfriends in the past that have made me orgasm through oral sex, but my current boyfriend can't. We've.


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