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Jul 9, - BuzzFeed asked for your best techniques — here are tips from our readers with vaginas that you might want to try yourself. Here are tips from our readers with vaginas that you might want to try yourself. Sit in a chair and grind on a (clean) rolled up towel. Male Masturbation Techniques: 11 Unique Moves for Max Pleasure Rayveness. Age: 19. Hi And there are two ideas in this article that I recommend above all others. Indeed the three most intense male masturbation techniques have been tested and proven to be well intense! If it's experience and a rush that you're looking for, these require patience, practice and privacy. And they're perfectly safe. You might try them once and never do it again, saying it's too much for you. Denisa. Age: 30. Elegant, sensual and sexy, I look for those who want the best Creative Masturbation (Guys) Odd Techniques. Male Masturbation. Vibrators - Clit (23) · Clit - Rubbing (21) · Pillows (17) · Tbrush - Clit (13) · Hairbrush (13) · Grinding (12) · Water (12) · Shower - Detach (11) · Stuffed Animal (11) · Unusual (11) · Pens (10) · In the Car (10) · Squeezing (10) · Legs Spread (9) · Fantasies (9) · Grinding - Chair (8) · In Public (8). Apr 8, - I don't know about you, but I appreciate my “me” time just as much as I love our “we” time. My man is fabulous in bed, but every once in a while I need to remind myself of what I have cooking. After all, sex doesn't require two people. Since discovering the act of masturbation, I've pushed aside all limits for.

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Black. Age: 26. Honest && Discreet There are lots of ways to give yourself pleasure, guys! Check out these great male masturbation techniques and make yourself feel good. May 16, - I started humping my pillow when I was 6. Then whenever I was alone in the house I would hump the couch's arm or other furniture. The corner of the living room coffee table (don't worry, it had big rounded corners) was also one of my favorites. Wh What are some weird or unusual ways of masturbation that you. If you've already read the in-depth orgasm guide on how to pleasure yourself and have earth shattering orgasms, but want more specific masturbation techniques, then you're in luck! Below you will find 14 different masturbation techniques & tips to guarantee you have super powerful orgasms. The other great reason to read.


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