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Mar 15, - -the guy. When I was 18 years old I experienced my very first (realistic) foot fetish experience; One day I was going to the movies with two of my friends who are both girls, Morgan and Caitlyn. Morgan's boyfriend was going to the movies too, but me and caitlyn were just friends this wasn't a date or anything. My foot fetish experience - Kira. Age: 26. I love sex and enjoy it! But there was a problem. I'm never going to forget her feet, simply gorgeous We were visiting her family in Chicago, and we managed to get some alone time. We hadn't had sex yet, both of us still holding our v-cards, but we fooled around a time or two. She knew I had a foot fetish, so she would tease me every now and again: putĀ  19 [m4f] Foot fetish experience: bostonr4r. Amber. Age: 18. Hey I'm Taylor AMAZING (FOOT FETISH) EXPERIENCE Jan 26, - A few weeks ago I decided to place an ad onto the dutch 'Craigslist'. The content of the ad I placed was simple and clear; I'm looking for girls who let me smell their sweaty feet after a long day at school or work. At first I thought it would be nothing. But last week I received an e-mail from a girl. She wrote. Do You Foot Fetish? Join friendly people sharing 65 true stories in the I Foot Fetish group. Find forums, advice and chat with groups who share this life experience.

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Charisma. Age: 21. based in Zurich, Switzerland! Dec 23, - Ive always loved: A true, personal story from the experience, I My First Foot Fetish Experience. Ive always loved feet but i dont know why. I guess it started when i was I had a babysitter. I wont say her name but she was smokin hot. Blond, lean, and a cheerleader too. She was a junior. I had. Apr 17, - Edit: just to make it clear, this story is a REAL life experience, and not fictional as someone is thinking:) Ok, MANY of you have been asking about th My First I was a teenager (midway through high school) and I had never, EVER heard of things like foot fetish, foot worshipping etc. before. Neither I was. Well Past weeked I had my first ever full on foot worship experience Let me start from the very beginning. So me and my girlfriend started dating 4 months ago. About a week into our relationship, I confess to her I have a foot fetish. She has been the only person I have ever told in real life ever. She says.


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