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Similar Worlds - I Was Spanked Bare Bottom - So the other day my sister and I got a particularl (3 replies). - Relate, Share and Bond with others My sister and had no choice but to stand there shoulder to shoulder bare naked from the waist down until my dad got home. Any other time my mom would have spanked me. Ограничение доступа к сайту Alura. Age: 22. try to always be on time The girl did this for a while until her tummy started talking to her. Im a bisexual 15 year old hot young teen girl with a nice set of titties and a good looking pussy my Mommy and Step Daddy give me bare bottom spankings all the time. My daddy spanks me everyday whether I need it or not it has always made his dick so hard and is his favorite thing to do he loves slapping. Violetta. Age: 23. Dear gentlemen Daddy's Little Helper Aug 31, - The moment he did that, the entire series of misbehaviour that had lead me to being marched into the gents room of the restaurant seemed to be completely forgotten. This was how it always began, when my dad would spank me. The moment that my bottom was bare, I knew that there was no getting out of. Sep 19, - My uncle is stronger and a little bigger than my dad and it hurts really bad getting spanked by him and it can be awkward at times, but in all honesty I'd rather take a spanking from uncle Daryl than daddy, "How many girls your age do you know that go over their daddy's knees for a bare bottom spanking?

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Isabella. Age: 26. Long brown hair | tanned skin Jun 2, - Daddy's Little Helper: A true, personal story from the experience, I Was Spanked Bare Bottom With A Belt. Most of my spankings were from my Mom but Dad also was quick to discipline me and my two sisters. He'd generally march us upstairs and whip our butts with a razor strap and that was something I. Nov 6, - Back when she was still getting spankings both her mother and her father would pull down her panties when they had to spank her, but she was only 12 then. Her mom and dad still pulled Kevin's and Bobby's underpants when they got spanked, but could he really spank a year-old girl's bare bottom? She had patiently tried to explain to Daddy that she was much too old for spankings and way, way too old for bare bottom spankings. But the girl's arguments had no effect on her Daddy. The girl thought that she was very noble and forgiving to still love Daddy bunches and bunches, even when he cruelly spanked her and.


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