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Undiluted semen contains a large quantity of sperm - as many as - cells/ml! A male Arbacia punctulata spawning its whitish semen. The following diagram shows how the inner and outer doublet microtubules of the axoneme are connected to dynein. Internal structure of the axoneme. Adapted from an image. BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Specialised cells Liza. Age: 25. South Indian Because the maturing spermatogonia and spermatocytes fail to complete cytokinesis , however, the progeny of a single spermatogonium develop as a large syncytium. Eggs and sperm. Eggs (ova) and sperm have half the number of chromosomes of normal body cells. They are called haploid cells rather than diploid cells. A single egg cell is called an ovum. Collectively, eggs and sperm are called gametes or sex cells. When fertilisation occurs, an egg (ovum) and a sperm fuse to form a. Marina. Age: 29. eyes: blue File:Complete diagram of a human spermatozoa en.svg In most species, there are just two types of gamete, and they are radically different. The egg is among the largest cells in an organism, while the sperm (spermatozoon, plural spermatozoa) is often the smallest. The egg and the sperm are optimized in opposite ways for the propagation of the genes they carry. The egg is.

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